This recipe certainly isn’t mine but I figure, the more places the Dukan recipes are shared, the easier it will be for people to find them! If not familiar with the Dukan diet, a standing part of it is to eat 1.5-2 TBS oat-bran a day. Basically, after that all lean protein is A-OK and vegetables a close second depending on the phase a person is on.  So to get in the oat-bran, there is the Oat-Bran Gillette (Pancake) recipe that makes the base of this instead of an English muffin. Then there is the middle egg-part which can be made several ways and finally the hollandaise sauce!  *I realize that Eggs Benedict typically also includes a ham element.  I can’t eat that much for breakfast and I don’t like ham that much.  Feel free to add a low-sodium piece of pork.

Even though there are so many different ways to cook an egg and it is easy to change things up, we often don’t because it is even easier to stick to what you know.  Fried or scrambled is our egg-of-choice.  Anything more takes a little more time and that isn’t something we have on work mornings right?  With a little pre-cooking, I think it’s possible to have this dish for breakfast even on a work-day.

First: the pancake!

equal parts oat-bran and yogurt (either 1.5 TBS or 2 TBS depending on what part of the diet plan) and 1 egg white.  Mix it all together and cook like a pancake.

I suggest using plain fat-free regular yogurt.  We were using fat-free Greek yogurt but our pancakes were dense, they turned out more pancakey with the extra moisture.  I suppose playing around with skim milk could also make a fluffier pancake.

These can be made up in advance, bagged and refrigerated or even frozen.  I make 10-14 at a time and keep them in the fridge for our breakfasts.  There are as many ways to spice these up as you like them!  Add 1 packet Splenda/pancake to make a sweeter pancake.  If you’re a cinnamon fan, add that too!  Or, add rosemary or sage, pepper, minced onion, garlic powder or oregano for a more savory flavor.  So there is the base of breakfast.  Very filling, the American Heart Association is in favor of regular oat-bran use and for anybody who has ever done an all-protein diet before, you know it is super great to get a bread flavor in the lineup.   Pop them in the toaster-oven for a quick reheat and done.  They’ll stay warm in the toaster-oven while you work on other part of breakfast.

Second: the egg! 

Since the Dukan Diet doesn’t recommend eating over 4 egg yolks a week, I find it better to do an egg-white omelette rather than a whole poached egg or two.  If you’re not going to eat this any more than once a week though, poached works too!  I’m going through a lot of egg whites these days. Something that makes it a lot easier than removing yolks and wasting a lot of them, is I use an all-natural packaged egg white product.  Like Eggbeaters except only egg whites.  No additives, flavors, preservatives.  Just 100% egg white.

The hollandaise sauce has an egg-yolk base so that needs to be kept in mind.  I count the sauce as an egg-yolk so if I make mine with egg whites, I can have this four times a week if I’d like.    Like any omelette, additives are again, as numerous as can be!  Especially after the first phase of the Dukan Diet vegetables can be used liberally.  Be minimal during the first phase though as too much additives can throw you off your plan.   Garlic, red-onion, chives, herbs, peppers and mushrooms are some suggestions for additives.  Ham, shrimp or crab-meat also are allowed.

My omelette this morning: 2 egg whites, 1 clove minced garlic, about equal minced red-onion, cracked pepper, lump crab meat, rosemary and sage.

Third: Hollandaise! 

This also can be made in larger batches in advance and added to as well for individual tastes. I doubled the recipe and added lump crab.   While real crab can be expensive, I found a pre-cooked, 8oz container at our grocery for 6$.  We spread it out over 5-6  breakfasts for two so about $.50/meal really.  It doesn’t seem that expensive for the added kick to our breakfast.

1 egg yolk, 1 Tsp Dijon mustard, 2 TBS lemon juice, 3.5 TBS warm skim-milk.  Mix all except the milk on the stove over low heat.  It will thicken but shouldn’t boil or get lumpy.  The texture should be creamy as it thickens.   Slowly add the milk in stirring constantly.  Keep cooking (without boiling) until you reach the thickness you’d like.   My first try was a little runny so experiment with more or less milk/lemon juice until you find the best consistency for you.  Add in lump crab if you’d like (I did) and pour over your egg.  Sprinkle with rosemary, sage or paprika for some color and extra flavor.For protein + vegetable days, throw some poached or steamed asparagus on the plate too and look super fancy.  🙂 Enjoy!

Stats: For this breakfast (without asparagus) you’ll have about:

215 calories

6 gram fat

18 carbs

24 gram protein

182 mg cholesterol

429 mg sodium

2 gram fiber

2% daily calcium

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