when photography and creativity meet

I like to be creative, you could say “artsy” even and I often have several projects or interests going on at one time.  Just so my Mom doesn’t think that all I do is eat and think about eating, (I’ve been accused) I’m going to start blogging about the things I do when I’m not thinking about food.  I’m an RN when my professional hat is on, I’m a property manager (for our family rental property) when my business hat is on, but when I take those hats off in my free time….I get busy!

So here’s my setup for my scrap-room.  Handy to my work table is my closet full of goodies!  I work with paper and card-stock, stamps and ink, glitter and flocking.  Dry embossing, heat embossing, brads and eyelet setting, ribbons, vellum, buttons, rub-on accents, hot-fix crystals and digital details.  What I make: scrap-books, greeting cards, party favors and gift-sets.  Almost everything I do starts out as blank paper (or patterned) and goes from there!

My favorite page from my most recent scrap-book?

Engagement Shoot 2010 Layout

This one was from our Engagement Shoot (a year after our actual engagement) on the campus of the University of Tampa.  Pictures by Carrie with A Fly On the Wall Photography.  I feel like the title fits and I really like the song that goes with it – “Lucky” by Jason Mraz.  The chorus goes “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I have been, lucky to be coming home again.” Daniel is a wonderful person, my closest friend, and I feel lucky he feels the same about me.  The song is printed on vellum and behind it is a stamp I had that actually says “lucky me”. The paper pattern is not altered, the layout idea came from Scrapbook Etc. magazine and my trusty Cricut cut out my title in different fonts, except the second “L” which is raised on a chipboard cutout and accented with stamps and red/orange Swarosvki crystals.  No butterflies were harmed in the making of this layout.

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