Turkey-Sausage update!

So in my original post on the turkey sausage, I made it using 1 pound of 99% fat-free ground turkey(turkey breast).  The taste was pretty good but dry and I thought it really could be better.  So I made a compromise.  Instead of only ground turkey breast, I’m using one pound of ground turkey which includes the dark meat and therefore a little more fat – and a pound of the ground turkey breast.  This takes the fat total from 11 grams in 2 links if using the whole ground turkey, down to 5.5 grams of fat when cutting the meat with the low-fat ground breast.  Double the recipe, and put it all in the same bowl and mix it well so the meat and spices are well blended.  The fat content may be a tiny bit lower than 5.5grams because the cooking and draining on paper towels gets rid of some of the fat too.  I’m guessing the sausage is left with about 5 grams of fat per 2 links. I find this acceptable and since none of the rest of my breakfast includes fat and the sausage is so much more moist and flavorful, it’s worth it.  The sausage wrapped in one of the Dukan pancakes is my favorite breakfast if you ask me.  Now, if you really want to be good and reduce the fat, the 99% fat-free turkey sausage wasn’t bad, it just was dry.  Hope it works out for you!  Let me know how it went over at your house!

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