Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt: better than it sounds

Before we started the Dukan Diet I was already eating Greek yogurts.  Vanilla was my favorite by far.  Regardless of the brand, most of the fruit-flavored ones had old, slimy looking fruit in it.  Really they were using a fruit-jam kind of concoction but I didn’t care for it.  I made my own flavor of Greek yogurt by taking a plain Greek yogurt cup and adding 1 packet of Splenda (*we’ve switched to stevia as a sweetener, it is grainier so needs more time to absorb but health-wise, it is more natural and less processed) and one TBS all natural ginger preserves.  The preserves I used was also made with cane-syrup so it wasn’t sugar-free but it only added about 50 calories and on the plus side, I knew where my flavor was coming from.  Another additive I used was Polaner all-fruit with Fiber jam.  They have many flavors, my favorites being the seedless blackberry and seedless strawberry.  Throw in some Splenda and a TBS of that and you have a very quick way to make a plain yogurt more palatable.    On the Dukan Diet it is a little harder during the first 2 phases to do that since sugars are discouraged.  For me, the sour plain yogurt isn’t to my taste and I stopped eating as much for a while.  My new fix?  Extracts.  Try adding however much Splenda you need with a dash of orange extract and cinnamon.  YUM!  Or, Vanilla extract with nutmeg or cinnamon.  You can try any extract – almond, lemon or rum, whichever and stay within the Dukan guidelines.   For sure, I liked my fruity-jam additions better and I can’t wait to get back to my ginger preserves and jams, in moderation I don’t see a conflict with the Dukan Diet after fruits are re-introduced.  See how you like it!  What concoction did you come up with that was tasty?

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