Being patient.

I’m not asthmatic or have any real bad allergies and I have never been “sick” before.  This week has changed my perspective on being a patient.  As a nurse, I was trained and practice sympathy for patients and what they’re going through and I always try to put myself in their place and be understanding of how they and their families are reacting to the stress of needing hospitalized.  I do think I will be able to practice empathy now as well as sympathy.  It was very scary being hospitalized for serious heart and lung problems with no known cause, it was stressful the sudden interruption in our schedule and holiday plans and of course wondering what was going to happen.  I am back home just today so sorry, there won’t be any recipe’s posted until Friday probably!  I’m feeling much better now, just weak and tired from all that lying around.  I can’t imagine a person older or weaker than I am being admitted to the hospital and staying longer or being more sick than I was.  How easy it is to lose strength!  So no hauling out the big pots for now – hopefully by next week my kitchen will be one hot mess again.

Thanks for all the well wishes and visits!  I wish everybody a safe and happy 4th of July!


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