Getting back to “normal”, whatever that is!

I’ve been feeling better and better – I haven’t had massive fatigue or heart-rate issues for 24 hours now!  Since coming home from the hospital we have been eating vegetables every day instead of every other.  We haven’t added any more carbs to the menu, just having the veggies has been nice.  We have been having omelet’s with peppers, garlic, zucchini and thyme, lunch of {insert cooked protein here} and a salad, and dinner of those yummy cow-canoes to name a few meals.  Our weights have not changed much, if anything we still have lost a little going this way.  Our exercise honestly has been spotty, after I was released from the hospital I did not feel up to doing much of anything up until yesterday.  Also, it has been steadily raining for the last 4 or 5 days in the afternoon’s and evenings.  Daniel ran outside yesterday during a break in the weather to take care of mowing the yard for me (usually my job but I got off this week) so that counted as exercise for him!  It started up raining again though through the rest of the day which kept us inside.  This morning, we got up and had our yummy veggie-full breakfast then took the dogs on a walk with us since the forecast is calling for more rain this afternoon.   We all enjoyed getting out, especially the dogs I think – they’ve been MUCH more cooped up than normal with all that’s gone on the past week+.  Usually they get to romp around in the yard a the very least once a day when I’m home and they haven’t gotten that in over a week now.  Boxer’s need exercise and two of them, cooped up with their energy level is too much Boxer!  They’ve been rough-housing around inside more lately and generally being noisy…not surprisingly, after our 30 minute walk, they’re both splayed out on the tile-floor for the time being recovering from the heat outside.   It is really very nice being home, getting back to our regular routine and getting to sleep next to my love at night.  My kitchen is getting back to being a hot mess again too, I’m making something new tonight which you’ll see in the near future!  It’s an Indian dish with a sauce (I LOVE SAUCE) that fingers-crossed will be as good as it looks!  A new recipe is being posted tomorrow that I made a few weeks ago I hope you’ll like.


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