Flower Power

During the first few days back at home after being sick, I had a lot to do but really wasn’t feeling strong enough to work on anything.  I did have a few thank-you cards I wanted to make for some family and friends who had my deepest thanks not only for helping me feel better but also for helping me worry a little less about Daniel and the house and everything else.  I may not have felt strong enough to lift my pots and pans but paper and a pair of scissors?  Definitely.  The idea came out of my Scrapbook Etc. magazine, but since they didn’t offer instructions I mostly just looked at their picture and went from there.  I was glad to have something to keep myself busy those first few days home alone and they turned out fantastic! I made three of this particular card, each with 6 – 7 flowers of different shapes, colors, layers and sizes and each with different pots.  The flowers themselves were made mostly from scrap-paper, the idea that all those bits of saved paper could be put to good use and made into something beautiful was appealing to me too. The pot itself was the hardest part, that and deciding the dimensions.  I had to start with the pot so I could know how wide the insert could be which then had to be proportionate so the flowers sat in the pot right.  It is easy to say that even though I made three, none of them are identical!  I wish I had taken pictures of them at the time but I wasn’t thinking about writing a post about it. I put in a lot of elements to add details and dimension, it may not look like much but believe me, each one alone took 2 – 3 hours each to put together.  I liked them so much when I was finished, I wished I had made one more for me to keep!  Making cards for occasions is a way I like to bring smiles to people, hopefully also showing those I make cards for that they are special to me.  I delivered one to my friends work-desk (hoping against all hope that it wouldn’t get lost) and she said it made her night – the best compliment I could have gotten! I hope they keep bringing smiles to those who got one and maybe I’ll make another one sometime just for kicks.  Fun,cute and the best part?  They won’t die without water!


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