Frolic in the Fall

It may appear to *you (I’m assuming I have regular readers out there) that I am really super focused on food and cooking and really don’t do much else around here except that!  I thought I ought to blog about something else just to show I do have a life and am not just a barefoot woman in the kitchen all the time (insert joke here).





Our Boxer’s Kendi and Cara-Mia (both names mean “my beloved”) are a constant source of entertainment and joy to me.  Kendi was the largest puppy in their litter and is a loveable, goofy, mama’s boy dog.  He’s a blockhead but he’s a handsome blockhead and he tries to get what he wants by throwing his weight around.  Mia on the other hand was the runt of their litter and is a clever little thing.  She works the cute angle a little but mostly she uses her brains to get her way

and honestly, she is only humoring Kendi most of the time.  Kendi just doesn’t know it.  When she decides she’s had enough rough-housing or wants the toy or whatever, she gets it.  She sounds downright vicious when it gets to that too!  When they were little and we put them out in their pen for the day (while we we’re off at work) our neighbors let us know they thought the dogs were killing each other out there fighting over the toys inside the pen.  Let it be noted that although they sound like frothing-at-the-mouth killers, mostly it is amplified vocals by the tin roof on their pen and never has a dog come out of the pen bloody or maimed.

One part of responsible dog-ownership is obedience training.  Daniel and I both felt it was important to have well-behaved dogs especially since Boxers are very strong, active dogs.  We took our pups down to J&K Canine Academy (highly recommend for dog training if you’re in this area!) for the beginner and intermediate training courses. We worked with them for months at home on what we learned and are pretty proud of our results!  Kendi and Mia are not perfect but they don’t chew, they were house-broke fairly  quickly, they don’t pull on the leash *presence  of squirrels and cats are exceptions, they don’t get on the furniture and sit when told.  They don’t beg and they don’t usually bolt out the door when opportunity presents itself.  We are working on their greeting guests over-exuberantly but for Boxers, they are pretty good about not jumping up on people. Kendi however is convinced that he is a lap-dog and sitting on the floor at our house is viewed as a welcome mat for his affection.

Bloggers advice: Be knowledgeable about the breed you’re thinking of getting for your family!  I really like this breed and they can make great family members but a Boxer is not a breed for everyone.  They do need a lot of attention and exercise or else they’ll get into trouble and can be destructive – their breeding stems from the English Bulldog which gives them very powerful jaws perfect for eating things of yours.

The dogs are now three years old and while Boxers are life-long puppies, they’re starting to mellow out.  The cool weather though has them both in a mood. I love taking pictures and would like to take a class on photography; my local community college offers classes but this last semester they were full up.  I’m on a waiting list.  So I like taking pictures that are decidedly amateur so I thought I’d go out and practice taking pics of our dogs playing in the yard.  Kendi found a big stick and well, had them (and me) entertained for a good half hour!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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