Best Guacamole Ever!

That isn’t just my opinion on that either, over three thousand users will back me up on this according to their website!  I am a novice when it comes to guacamole. For years I have avoided avocados because, well, for no reason really except I wasn’t willing to try them. I’d cross the poor avocado off my sushi choices, I’d throw out the guac packet in my Publix salad and I most definitely would stick to the pico de gallo salsa only at the Mexican restaurants. Well, I’m here to say that I was wrong and I apologize to both the Haas Avocado and the Florida Avocado. Oh, while I’m on that, out of the two varieties (and there are many) I prefer the Haas, it has more flavor. More fat too but we can cover that later.

Daniel and I started a month-long journey to eliminate all processed foods from our diet and to follow a paleo plan. Of course, nobody is perfect but I can say I was about 95% perfect.  Paleo is basically the Dukan Diet except no dairy, grains or legumes. The hardest change was eliminating the dairy from our diet.  We depended heavily on yogurt for our breakfasts and I LOVE cheese. Luckily or not, depending how you look at it, I was just told that my random and persistent health issues (continual ear aches/infections, gut problems, elevated blood pressure, headaches and pressure in my eyes) were due to intolerance to lactose. I swear, THREE DAYS no dairy = suddenly resolving a 7 month earache and reduction of all other symptoms. So no dairy anyway! Grains were easy to eliminate because Dukan pretty much had already, we just had to stop the oat bran (so sad). That leaves legumes. Legumes. Are you ready to cry with me? The peanut is a legume. A LEGUME! Look it up. I did because I didn’t believe the paleo people. Other than peanut butter (::wipes a tear::) and chickpeas we didn’t often have legumes in our diet. Losing the hummus really put a dent in our raw vegetable eating. Hummus and veggies was a quick and tasty snack! What the heck else do you dip veggies into that is all vegetable itself and creamy and good with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors?! WHAT ELSE??! This guacamole, that’s what.

You can find the recipe here, on or just keep reading. I hardly changed anything but I’m lazy and would rather have all my favorite recipes here in one place.

Messy Ingredients:

  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1/2 cup red onion, fine dice
  • 2 Roma or Plum tomatoes, fine dice
  • 3 T fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1 – 2 large cloves garlic, fine dice
  • 3 Haas avocados
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 t cayenne

Basically, put it all in a bowl and mash it with a potato masher and chill. Done!

If you like it more spicy, add more cayenne. Want more tangy? Add 1/2 a lime more juiced. If you like it smooth, put ingredients 1-5 and one of the avocados into a food processor and blend then mash it up with the rest of the ingredients. If you like it in between smooth and chunky, take ingredients 1-5 and puree half of them. Or 3/4. Whatever you like. It is very versatile to many many tastes but at the end, it all tastes good. It will keep about a week in the fridge, if it lasts that long at all.

Back to the fat conversation. Some people pooh-pooh on avocado because they are high in fat. Well, they are, about 30 grams in one average whole avocado.  However the huge majority of the fats are the omega 3 or 6 kind…the good-for-you kind. Also, you aren’t going to eat all the guac in one sitting, you may want to but you shouldn’t. Moderation people. If you DID eat a whole avocado you’d have gotten over half your daily Vitamin K, 30% – 40% your daily Vitamin C, potassium and folate and a quarter of your B12. Don’t forget the fiber. I’m not advocating eating whole avocados but you get the picture. Next time you’re putting dip out, put some of this down. People will love it and you’ll feel good spreading the healthy.

This is 100% paleo and Dukan Diet Worthy (in moderation) Stage 4.

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