Our Slightly Impulsive Trip to Greece: Part 5

On our fourth day in Greece we took a trip to see the Temple of Poseidon and got to take a drive along the Sounion coast to get there.  Since April is the beginning of tourist season, and a Tuesday morning isn’t the most popular time to visit the Cape, we got to have the Temple almost entirely to ourselves.  The views were stunning of the water and the Temple and I suppose because it is outside of the smog of the city or because it is in the full sunshine, the marble was very white unlike the marble of the Parthenon.  Also, the wildflowers that were growing all around just made it a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

After our morning trip, we took a walk from our hotel through a street-shopping area with many different shops of all kinds selling everything from street-food to fine jewelry.  We’ve been here five days now and this is the first day we got to have souvlaki! When we get Greek food at home, we almost always get pita or a gyro and here, we’ve actually had to look for it.  I suppose that kind of food is more casual than the restaurants we’ve been to but it was oh so good.  We ate light however because tonight is our second Michelin restaurant and we don’t want to spoil that.  We walked for the majority of the afternoon, buying gifts for family and friends, taking in the sites like Hadrian’s Library and others and generally working up an appetite.  Unfortunately, because the tourist season isn’t on in full yet and according to our guide the first day, since Greece is having financial difficulties, many of the historic monuments and parks that charge an entrance fee close early because the city can’t pay for the employee’s to work a full day.  So many of our pictures were from outside the gates of the various monuments and temples.

Tonight we had dinner at “Spondi”, a two star Michelin restaurant. Since we had dinner at a one-star restaurant last night it was interesting to compare the food and experience.  As far as that goes, the two star was so amazing that I can’t even imagine what a three star would be! Oral orgasm probably.  Again, we ordered the tasting menu with wine pairing and were blown away with almost every dish. The service was impeccable, maybe because at the early seating (8pm isn’t THAT early) we were the first to arrive so we had all five wait staff waiting on us.  At one point, I was about to sip my white wine and noticed something floating in it mid way up. I’m sure I appeared cross-eyed as I tried to make sure it wasn’t a bug and since it looked like cork and I didn’t think it would be proper to fish it out with my finger at a fancy restaurant I just took a sip anyway and put the glass down.  No sooner than I had set the glass back on the table, one of the waiters rushed over with a fresh glass of wine and said he “had noticed a fleck in your wine” and switched out the glasses.  He must have amazing vision….or I was being monitored much closer than I thought.  The best dish of the evening was the one that sounded the least tasty. It was a potato and egg-yolk concoction that was so rich it was hard to finish the little bit on the plate but it was completely amazing. It was also my first time to ever have a cheese-selection course. They rolled this large wooden table with a marble top and a glass cover over and it had about 30 different kinds of cheeses inside. When the lid was lifted, I can tell you the “stinky cheese” joke is for real.  That was some stinky cheese!

After just over 3 hours, dinner wound down and we went back to our hotel to sleep it off.

Tomorrow we have a full day out to go see Epidaurus and Mycenae and is our last day in Greece. So far it has been lovely.


The Temple of Poseidon
The Temple of Poseidon
Beautiful wildflowers and a beautiful ocean.


Cute street in Athens
Dinner at Spondi


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