Why I make a hot mess

Every single culture on this planet has this in common: social gathering around a meal.  I think food, specifically sharing a meal, is the most universal social standard across  all cultures.   Music comes in second.  The wonderful thing about both of these is that you don’t have to understand a foreign language in order to enjoy them.

My Mom tried to teach me how to cook when I was a teenager.  My response was that I knew how to read and cooking was simply reading and following directions so I didn’t need to “learn” anything.    After I moved out, I routinely called my Mom for simple things such as…how to boil a chicken or how long to bake a potato.  Now, I appreciate that it does take some practice to cook well.  At the same time, as I explore cooking different dishes and using different spices I am finding that while it isn’t always easy, often it isn’t all that hard either.  More often, it is the moving away from my “comfort zone” with dishes and ingredients that is the hard part.  Enjoying food that is made with quality ingredients, foreign flavors and new techniques makes me happy, finding recipes that fall in a healthier category only makes it all the more interesting.

Perhaps the best reason I make a hot mess is that I simply like good food and I enjoy feeding people.  Good friends and good food go together well. Some of my happiest times have been while sharing a meal with friends, some of the most exciting times in my life have been while travelling with my husband and trying new foods.  As I learn and grow, my tastes have changed and so has my cooking.  Eating can be an adventure, being with friends and family is an experience.  Experiences make up a life.

I’m posting new recipes often and sometimes a little about my personal experiences as well. I’m  having a lot of fun putting this all “out there” (it’s a little scary too) but maybe somebody will read this and find the encouragement they needed to change the way they eat, to eat new foods, or simply put a new dish in front of their families for dinner.  ~to health and happiness,  Amanda

2 thoughts on “Why I make a hot mess

  1. You are so beautiful & you write so well!
    You ARE still stubborn in case you weren’t
    sure. (I’m sorry I never told you about
    spaghetti squash! I liked it OK but
    you know who didn’t so I didn’t fix anymore.)

  2. You are lucky to have your mom helping you with advice etc. My mom (while wonderful, of course..) never taught me ANYthing in the kitchen . Yet, HER mother (my beloved Grandma Rest her soul) taught her all the time! And Grandma was an awesome cook; my dad to this DAY talks and raves about his MIL’s food making abilities! SO: my grandma told my mom “If you can read, you can cook.” So that is what I personally have followed. It has served me well in that, I can cook now. LOL (it’s only taken in to my 2nd marriage, and seven children!) But I am actually what I would term a “good cook” finally. I admire your ability to achieve this at such a young age. Plus you branch out in to stuff I know nada about (maybe I will learn with this blog, etc)? Plus I tasted that squash soup you brought to work yesterday (I’m the new girl..er…lady there who just started). You don’t realize how often I usually have NOT “tried anything” ppl bring in. I have a real reticence to new stuff . But it was good and you seem really enthusiastic about your cooking and exploring which I find awesome! Trying to find /follow this on FB but having trouble getting it linked. (sigh) Anyways: liking your blog!

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